Buttercream (also known as butter cream, butter icing, and mock cream) is a type of icing or filling used inside cakes, as a coating, and as decoration. In its simplest form, it is made by creaming butter with powdered sugar, although other fats can be used, such as margarine or lard. Colorings and flavorings are often added, such as chocolate, fruit purees, and various extracts. Buttercream is also a  common topping for cupcakes, sponge cakes, butter cakes, and other desserts.- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buttercream




-Butter                         –       500g

-Icing Sugar                –       1kg

-Flavor                          –       any choice



-Add butter to a mixer bowl and beat till soft

-Add flavor of choice

-Now on low speed add sieved icing sugar and beat till combined

-Increase speed and beat till fluffy and ready for us

-If too hard add a teaspoon of milk or water and if too soft add more icing sugar

-Keep covered in a bowl till ready to use.

cakecottage butter cream cake2