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Annabele Topped cake

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Who would have thought that Cartoon Network’s Ben Tennyson would turn out to be one of the most beloved children character of the decade 00s. Back in 00s When Cartoon Network was struggling and competing with other popular animated channels like Nickelodeon and Pogo, it introduced a fresh animated TV series titled Ben 10. Created by the famous group ‘Man of Action’, Ben 10 focused on a teen boy named Ben Tennyson who unknowingly acquires a powerful watch (Omnitrix) that ables him to transform into various alien forms. After knowing the power of the watch, Ben 10 decides to use the powerful alien forms to help and save people from disasters and crimes.

The cool thing about Ben 10 was that it introduced a whole new fresh package of characters that were funny and likable. Ben was able to transform into ten different alien forms (the number was increased in later seasons) and kids were in love with almost all alien forms. Be it Humungousaur or Big Chill or even Gray Matter.

Throwing a Ben 10 themed birthday party would be great if you want to organize a huge party for 50 plus guests. The reason is because Ben 10 has so many characters that each and every guest can have his/her own Ben 10 character to play with. Of course a cool Ben 10 themed birthday cake will be the center piece of attraction.